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Things to do in Venice, Italy: the attractions you can’t miss
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Things to do in Venice, Italy: the attractions you can’t miss

Planning a trip to the most beautiful city in the world, and choosing what things to do in Venice, Italy according to the number of days you’ve got, is something that requires a bit of time.
Venice is a hard city to visit, mainly because you’re going to walk a lot, and when we say “a lot” we really mean it. Venice is not just any other city, first of all, because it’s built on water, and then because its structure hasn’t changed for centuries.
The things you can do in Venice, Italy are countless, but we perfectly know that you don’t have the time to see them all. Here’s why we came up with the top 10 attractions you should include in your trip to Venice.

What to do in Venice if it’s your first trip

If it’s your first time in Venice, your starting point will definitely be St. Mark’s Square. It might sound obvious, but it is the heart of Venice, the center of the whole Venetian world.
The Doge’s Palace and the St. Mark’s Basilica, together with the impressive bell tower and the Procuratie buildings, overlook one of the most visited and photographed places in the entire globe: St. Mark’s Square, indeed. Walking around it today you can still feel its strong personality, and the respect other nations used to pay to the city of Venice, the very first European Republic, called the Serenissima Republic.
The Rialto Bridge is the other iconic sight you must see during your first vacation here. This enchanting example of Venetian architecture has been standing over the Grand Canal since 1591, and today you can still cross it as our forefathers did.
Another thing to do in Venice on your first visit is walking around the Rialto Market, where Venetians still buy fresh fish in the morning. This is not just a normal market, it’s the essence of Venice.

Things to do in Venice, Italy if you’re addicted to art

Being in love with art is part of the deal if you want to live Venice at its best, since the city itself is an open-air museum. Whether this is your first trip to Venice or not, you should include a couple of museums and churches to your itinerary.
We suggest heading to the Correr Museum, whose entrance is located in St. Mark’s Square, or the Ca’ Rezzonico Museum, dedicated to Venetian lifestyle in the Eighteenth-century, or last but not least the Gallerie dell’Accademia, which collects many pre-19th-century Venetian artworks. Talking about churches, don’t miss the Madonna dell’Orto church, where the Venetian painter Tintoretto is buried, and the San Giovanni e Paolo Church in the area of Castello, where the graves of many Doges can be found.

Must see in Venice if you love strolling around

If you don’t mind walking, in addition to all the things to do in Venice, Italy we’ve just mentioned, you should give yourself the time to just wander around the city with no plans. What about having a walk around the Jewish Ghetto? It’s just a few minutes away from our hotel, and the atmosphere is very pleasant and calm because this place is off the beaten path.
Or maybe you’d like to sit on a bench inside one of the many secret gardens in Venice – there’s actually one close to our hotel, which is named Sagredo Park.
Even if you’re visiting Venice for just 2 days , while walking around you’ll notice that every corner and building has a detail you couldn’t have seen if you had taken the vaporetto. This is one of the reasons why we warmly suggest walking a lot and not being afraid of getting lost in a city like this, that can surprise you in every moment of your holiday here. However, if you want to take the vaporetto to experience the city from the water, line 1 is the one you should take. It will show you the best part of Venice. Both sides of the Grand Canal the most beautiful palaces of the city amaze thousands of people with their beauty and perfection, every day. You’ll certainly be one of them.