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How to spend one day in Venice:  a suggested itinerary
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How to spend one day in Venice: a suggested itinerary

If you visit Venice in one day you have to choose what to do and see, because time is limited and there are too many things to discover. Therefore, the first thing to do is to getting rid of your luggage and leaving it at our hotel, located just ten minutes away from Piazzale Roma, the bus station, and five from Santa Lucia train station.

Our staff will be ready to welcome you on arrival and happy to give you some tips about how to spend your time in the best possible way. You can start your visit from the sestiere (district) of Cannaregio,where our hotel is located, and follow our list of things you absolutely must see and do in Venice.

One day in Venice: what to do in the morning

The Cannaregio sestiere is one of the most lively in Venice: university students and native Venetians are often seen the calli, giving the district a cheerful atmosphere

Walking down the Fondamenta di Cannaregio for a hundred meters, you will find yourself in front of the main entrance of the Jewish Ghetto. The ghetto was the Venice district where Jews were forced to live during the Republic period, and nowadays it houses synagogues and religious institutions. In fact, inside the Jewish Museum of Venice there is one of the five synagogues in the city that can be visited with guided tours.
We suggest continuing your walk towards one of the most visited churches in this area, the Chiesa della Madonna dell’Orto. The unique style of the façade will invite you to come in and appreciate the masterpieces preserved inside: here, Jacopo Robusti, known as Tintoretto, decorated the walls with his great artworks and the city decided to bury him in the right aisle of this church. Not by chance, close to the holy place, you’ll be able to see the house where the famous Venetian artist was born, distinguishable from the others by a plaque placed on the façade, and by an artisan workshop placed by its side.
Before you stop in some traditional hosteria to taste Venetian delicacies, you’ll find yourself near the only bridge in Venice without parapets, the Ponte Chiodo. Photographed by thousands of tourists, this bridge is a unique example in the city showing how bridges used to look like in the past.

One day in Venice: how to spend the afternoon

After a short lunch break, you just need to go through Calle Racheta to reach the next destination: the banks of Fondamenta Nove are perfect to continue walking the afternoon. Overlooking the northern lagoon, you’ll find the public transport jetties to get to the most famous islands of Venice: Murano and Burano.
A few steps from the water, there is a monumental church, clearly visible from the St. Mark’s Bell Tower thanks to the height of the statues placed above its tympanum: The Gesuiti Church. With considerable visual impact, both outside and inside, the church houses numerous pictorial cycles by Venetian artists, and it’s decorated by fine marbles and precious stones.
After this wonderful place, the small Chiesa dei Miracoli will attract your attention and we suggest visiting it. A small temple built in 8 years using polychrome marbles which, according to tradition, would be the materials leftover from the construction of St. Mark’s Basilica.
Not far away, you will be in front of the House of Marco Polo, the famous Venetian traveler and ambassador. Unfortunately, the residence cannot be visited, but an historical plaque is placed on the façade of the nearby theater. The two neighboring courts, called Corte Prima and Seconda del Milion, still show Byzantine architectural elements from the century in which Marco Polo lived. Nowadays, these courts house hosterie and Venetian restaurants.

The artistic and historical tour may continue, but, at this time of day, we suggest returning to Strada Nova, the main Venetian street. Here, you can enjoy your shopping or drink a good spritz accompanied by some typical cicheti to end your day in Venice in the best possible way .

We have one last tip for you…next time, plan to spend at least 2 days in Venice!