Apr 2024
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How to find the best beaches near Venice, Italy
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How to find the best beaches near Venice, Italy

Have you ever wondered which is the best beach near Venice, Italy? It’s great to find a destination where you can alternate a few days of pure relax with some cultural tours around the city. Well, Venice offers you this – and more!

Venice has several sandy beaches on different smaller islands around the main one where the city center is situated. Internationally recognized inside the program Bandiere Blu (Blue flags), Venetian beaches have been awarded for their quality of water and environmental management, as well as the presence of excellent services and the great level of security.

Let’s discover the best beaches near Venice!

Lido island: the main beach in Venice

Lido of Venice is certainly the most convenient place to go to the beach during your stay. It can easily be reached by waterbus in 20 minutes from Guglie stop (line 5.1 or 5.2 direction Lido). This small island is well-known for its natural dunes of fine and golden sand, but it’s even more famous for the Venice Film Festival, which is held every year in late August or early September.

From a naturalistic point of view, Lido has a lot to offer to both Venetians and tourists during the high season. S. Nicolò is a sandy beach with bathing facilities, while, while at Murazzi you’ll find rocks and pebbles where you can relax for a few hours away from the crowd.

If you want a unique experience, we suggest admiring the first light of a new day from Lido, walking barefoot in the sand. The sound of the waves and the colors of the Venice sunrise, will make you fall in love with this small island.

If you are traveling with your kids, you will be happy to know that Lido is full of playground areas. Furthermore, you can rent bicycles and discover Alberoni, a protected oasis where nature and biodiversity abound. This zone holds a surprise for golf enthusiasts: an 18-hole golf course, with fairway and wooded areas.

Jesolo & Cavallino: beaches near Venice to have fun

If you can’t give up the fun during your holidays, and you want to enjoy the summer nights after a day spent at the seaside, Jesolo and Cavallino are the perfect solution for you. Reachable by motor vessel in less than 40 minutes from San Zaccaria-San Marco stop (line 14 direction Punta Sabbioni), and they are the epicenter of Venetian nightlife.

Both of them also have beaches equipped for adults and children. Spend your day under a beach umbrella, waiting until it’s time to start dancing in the trendiest seaside bars… sounds good!

Islands and boat: hidden beaches in Venice

An alternative to the usual beaches can be found in the smaller Venetian islands. A few steps from the hotel, you’ll be able to rent a boat and explore the city and its beaches in total solitude.
For more details on costs and rental conditions, with or without a driver, our staff is always at your disposal to find the solution that suits you best.

Not far from the city center, Sant’Erasmo island, known as the vegetable garden of Venice, is a valid alternative to Lido. Populated only by native Venetians, Sant’Erasmo hosts a small beach away from prying eyes: thanks to a recent consolidation work, this is one of the most beautiful barene (emerged shoals) in the Lagoon.

Another beach you can’t miss is definitely the one on Pellestrina island. You’ll find clean and safe waters, and the island keeps its identity alive thanks to local traditions.
Fishing and agriculture keep the whole island untouched: it extends for 11 km from the canals of Chioggia to Malamocco.