Oct 2020
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Where to watch the best sunrise in Venice
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Where to watch the best sunrise in Venice

Experiencing a magical sunrise in Venice is something you shouldn’t miss during your stay. Venice is a bit like an old woman, waking from her sleep, who starts getting ready for a new day.
Do you prefer an extra hour of sleep instead of a unique show by nature? Sunrise is a gift for everyone: in this article, we suggest the best places to watch this unique event.

Sunrise in Venice: the bond with nature

Everywhere in the world, waking up early in the morning is one of the best ways to ease off a bit and take time to think.
Watching a beautiful sunrise is the one of most effective medicines you can take: it helps regulate your metabolism and create a strong bond with the nature that surrounds you.
Sunrise, as much as sunset, is a natural phenomenon charged with positive energy that prepares you to spend your day in the best possible way.
Do you know why we are suggesting watching the sunrise while everyone is still sleeping?
The answer is very easy: Venice is full of enchanting places, but having the privilege to see them with no one else around is a really valuable experience.

Sunrise in Venice: Sestiere San Marco

St. Mark’s Square is a strategic point to admire the first light of a new day, as the sun peeks out from behind the spires and pinnacles of the famous Basilica.
Having the privilege to see the beautiful Salotto del Mondo with no one else around is a truly unforgettable show: in a few hours it’ll be full of tourists filling the tables of the famous cafes of the square.

We suggest walking along the Riva degli Schiavoni, where you can see the sunrise more clearly: a relaxing walk will take you to Sestiere Castello, the Venetian district located farther to the east. From here, you can start your day visiting a very distinctive part of the city. Moreover, you’ll be able to access the Biennale Gardens, the traditional site of La Biennale Art Exhibitions which hosts 29 pavilions of foreign countries.

Sunrise in Venice: Sestiere Dorsoduro

Dorsoduro has two of the best points to watch the sunrise in Venice.
The first place is Accademia Bridge: early in the morning is full of tripod-mounted cameras to capture the best pictures with a long exposure. The sunrise is respected with silence.
In order to get a good place on the bridge, we recommend waking up very early, so you’ll be able to capture all the colors of the sunrise like a professional photographer.
The second place is Punta della Dogana: the sun will rise slowly from behind the Lido island and the skyline of the San Giorgio Maggiore island.

Sunrise in Venice: Lido island

If you are a romantic soul, you can’t miss a scenic sunrise walk along the beaches of the Lido island. Reached in 20 minutes from Guglie stop (line 5.1 or 5.2 direction Lido), the opportunity to see the sun rising from the sea is an emotion that you only live once.
Walking barefoot in the sand and listening to the sound of the waves: you will be grateful to life and happy you decided to watch the sunrise in Venice.



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