Apr 2024
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Honeymoon in Venice: reasons to choose this amazing city
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Honeymoon in Venice: reasons to choose this amazing city

Every year, many couples choose to spend their honeymoon in Venice, and it’s not by chance considering that it truly is the ‘city of love’!
Venice is the most beautiful and romantic city in the world, with all its bridges and scenic spots everywhere, but this isn’t the only reason why people choose to start their life as a married couple here.
Venice has always been a city where people dream to find that thrill that makes them feel alive, and where everything seems to be possible. Venice has it all, but if you’re not completely convinced yet, here’s something you could do on your honeymoon in Venice!

Fall in love with Venice sunsets

There are no paintings or pictures giving justice to the amazing sunsets you can watch in Venice. You must see them in person, with your partner, holding each other’s hands and dreaming about your future together.
You can watch the sunset from St. Mark’s Square, you will see the sky turning purple, surrounding the beautiful Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute, on the other side of the canal.
Alternatively, you can watch the sunset from the Accademia Bridge, which is actually one of the best spots where to admire the beauty of Venice right before the night comes – just make sure you get there early to save your spot!
If you’re lucky to visit the St. Mark’s bell tower at sunset, the view will be even better, because you’re going to see the whole city falling asleep, right at your feet.

Have dinner on a terrace with a view

There are many places where you can dine on a terrace in Venice, and we will be more than happy to recommend where to go during your stay.
It might sound obvious, but can you imagine something more romantic than eating on a terrace, with your significant other, under the sky of Venice, with a view you won’t have anywhere else in the whole world? Not to mention, there’s nothing like enjoying a wonderful meal by candlelight!
Honeymoons are about having a good time together, to celebrate your choice of staying together for the rest of your life, but a honeymoon in Venice is also a chance to live all this in a city where time seems to have stopped.

Take a gondola ride on your honeymoon in Venice

Where else in the world can you go on a romantic gondola tour with your partner? We are pretty sure that the answer is only in Venice!
So, you might think that a gondola tour is something too touristy for your honeymoon, but think about how gondolas were used in the past. Gondolas have always been known as “the boats of love” for a reason, in fact, it’s not a mystery that Venetians used them to get away for romantic encounters, so you can follow their example!
Lovers used to meet inside a gondola (gondolas used to be partially covered by a cabin at the time), and who knows how many love stories started (and still do start!) on a gondola.
Gondolas are fascinating, their shape is so sinuous on the water, that you’ll feel like being rocked to sleep, but your eyes won’t be able to close because of what you’ll be admiring all around – an incredible city, built on water.
If you’re spending your honeymoon in Venice, this is something we really recommend to do. This is a memory that will last forever, and that you can’t have anywhere else.

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