Apr 2024
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Venice with family:  tips and tricks to enjoy the city
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Venice with family: tips and tricks to enjoy the city

Spending a few days in Venice with your family can be the perfect choice for your next holiday. Bridges and calli are the perfect setting to play and have fun together – remember to carefully plan the itinerary to do with your kids, without neglecting your interests.

You’ll discover an authentic side of Venice, and see this city with new eyes – those of your child.

Discovering Venice with family: useful information

Let’s start with some information about how to visit Venice by public transport with your family.

In Venice, you can’t drive a car or take a bus – you can only take a boat. Public water buses in Venice are called vaporetti, and they are a valid alternative to walking, which can be hard.

Vaporetti sail down the main canals of the city daily, and are free for children under 6 years old. There are some offers and discounts available to adults. For example, we suggest purchasing a multi-day pass directly through the official website of Venezia Unica. In this way, you will save time and money, as well as getting some discounts.

If you’re into culture, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a special family ticket – the MUVE pass, including admission to the main museums in Venice. With a single entrance, you will have access to the most beautiful artworks of the Venetian heritage, avoiding long lines. It costs 18 euros, but considering that visiting Palazzo Ducale costs 19 euros, this pass is very affordable. Visit the official website to discover more!

Art lovers visiting the Venice Biennale, check all the activities for your family on the official website. There are many workshops and guided tours at reduced prices.

Aboard a gondola in Venice with your family

Gondolas are one of the main attractions in Venice – you can choose between two options to enjoy a trip with your family aboard this historic boat.

The first one is the gondola ferry. For just 2 euros per person, you can use this alternative kind of transport whenever you need to cross the Grand Canal. Your kids will experience a few minutes aboard the most typical rowboat of Venice.

Fun is guaranteed!

The second possibility is a real gondola ride along the Grand Canal or the smaller canals. The gondolier will lead you to the heart of the city, sharing curious anecdotes and mysterious tales, and if you are lucky, he will reveal some secrets about his work.

The Islands of Venice: Murano and Burano with family

Murano and Burano are two of the most famous islands in Venice, and a day tour might sound a bit boring for your children. However, if you plan some curious activities, it’ll become a memorable day for all of you.

In Murano, where Venetian glass is made, there are numerous furnaces that organize workshops to create precious blown-glass objects – a souvenir that makes the whole experience more meaningful, even for them.

Glass master craftsmen will be happy to teach young visitors an art that has been handed down for many centuries. For more information about initiatives in progress, feel free to ask at reception.

Alternatively, or after visiting Murano, we suggest going to Burano, famous for its brightly colored houses and handmade lace. A fun game that involves your family is finding the most beautiful house of Burano among bridges and calli. The first one who finds it, may win a delicious ice cream made by one of artisan ice cream shops in the centre. How about it? Let’s start looking!