Jun 2024
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Su e Zo per i ponti
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Su e Zo per i ponti

Su e Zo per i ponti ( literally “Up and down the bridges”) is a Venetian traditional non competitive walking race which took place the first time in Venice in 1975 during spring time.

Every year 10.000 people usually take place to the race.

The main route is about 12km and it has as a departing and arrival point Saint’s Mark Square, in front of Doge’s Palace. The short route is 6 km and it  has as a departing and an arrival point Santa Lucia Railway Station.

The partecipants to the race usually follow a path, every year a different one, which takes them trough “calli” (alleys), “campi“ (squares ) and bridges. A circuit that crosses the whole Venice.

Everyone can join the race, every person of any age,families, students and sport groups. There are different paths for any age and along the path there are some refreshment points.

The arrival is in Saint Mark’s Square where every partecipants receive a medal as a memento of the event. The proceeds of the race are donated to charity.

For more information https://www.suezo.it/en/.




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