May 2020
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Easter in Venice: what to do and what to eat
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Easter in Venice: what to do and what to eat

The atmosphere you feel in during Easter in Venice is similar to the one you feel at Christmas.
Everyone is happy, partly because of the huge amounts of chocolate you can buy pretty much everywhere, but also because Easter is a very important celebration in Venice.
Usually, at Easter time, the weather in Venice is sunny and warm, which means that walking around the city will be nice and pleasant, but also crowded since it’s one of the best periods to visit the city.
So, make sure to book everything you want to see and visit in advance, including your hotel room – feel free to contact us at any time to know more about our Easter Special Offers.

The first thing to do in Venice at Easter: trying the Focaccia Pasquale

Imagine walking from street to street, smelling the sweet aroma of something baking, until you find yourself in front of a bakery shop window, full of focacce.
You might think that heaven maybe does exist, and it’s in Venice, at Easter.
The Focaccia Pasquale is a traditional Easter cake, so soft that you won’t pay attention to the calories you’re eating. The recipe dates back to the fourteenth century when Venice was a very important center of the sugar market.
Venetians call it “Fugassa” and during the time of the Serenissima Republic, this name became a synonym for celebrating.

The second thing to do in Venice at Easter: a picnic!

It’s true that Venetians love to celebrate Easter with their families, but it’s also true that Easter Monday is dedicated to friends.
Venetians don’t stay in the city on Easter Monday, they all head to an island like Sant’Erasmo, or to the mountains for a barbecue or a picnic.
Being aware of that, you have two choices: follow the Venetian tradition, or enjoying the city without Venetians.
Depending on how many days you’ve planned to stay in Venice for Easter, we suggest considering the idea of taking a boat tour, since the weather is perfect for the first boat ride of the season.

The third thing to do in Venice at Easter: dedicating some time to art

Art is always a good idea, even – or dare we say especially! – at Easter time.
Usually, all the civic museums are open on Easter day, so why not spend a couple of hours inside the Correr Museum, ending your visit with a cup of coffee with a view over St. Mark’s Square?
Or maybe you would like to take the opportunity to reach the top of St. Mark’s bell tower and enjoy a splendid view of Venice from above.
If you feel like visiting one of the symbols of Venice, the Doge’s Palace is open too.
As we said before, be sure to book everything you would like to see in advance, and buy the Venice City Pass.

What to eat in Venice at Easter

We have previously mentioned the Fugassa, but this is not the only traditional Easter food Venice has. In fact, we recommend trying the risotto ai bruscandoli, which is made with spontaneous herbs, and a salad with hen eggs, shrimps and asparagus.
If you like meat, ask for a plate of roasted goat with potatoes and artichokes.
Then, a small or big chocolate egg will be the perfect way to finish your Easter lunch.


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