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Best time to visit Venice, Italy
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Best time to visit Venice, Italy

What’s the best time to visit Venice? When deciding when to come to Venice, it’s important to decide what kind of vacation you want.
Like any other famous city, Venice is always crowded, especially during some periods of the year such as Venice Carnival or Christmas time, and the whole summer of course. So, the question is: when do you want to see Venice?

Reasons to visit Venice in spring 

Spring is the best time to visit Venice if you like to spend the majority of your day out. The weather is sunny almost every day, and the city is starting to come to life again after a long and cold winter. For this reason, many tourists come to Venice in this season, this is why we suggest planning your trip in advance and booking all the tickets you need, and the tours you want to attend during your stay.

Reasons to visit Venice in summer 

Summer in Venice is hot but pleasant, especially because you can easily reach the beaches of Lido or Jesolo, and relax in front of the sea.
Summer is also nice because you can enjoy a meal outside, sitting on a terrace or facing a canal, which is really romantic if you’re coming with your partner.
It is also the perfect time of the year for a boat tour. and to attend the most important Venetian event: the Redentore festival.

Reasons to visit Venice in autumn

In autumn, the city changes completely, and in some way, this period becomes the best time to visit Venice, because the streets start to get less crowded.
Venice has a lot of secret gardens, that show their best in the autumn colors with shades of yellow and orange, which are beautiful to see.
November 21st is a significant day for Venetians since we celebrate the Madonna della Salute festival, remembering the horrible plague that affected Venice in 1630.
Unfortunately, the weather is not usually good, but if you have an umbrella with you you’ll enjoy the city anyway.

Reasons to visit Venice in winter 

Winter is the season of Christmas and Venice Carnival, which means that you’ll surely find many tourists, but also parties and initiatives you won’t see during the rest of the year.
The issue with winter is that you might experience acqua alta (high water) during your stay, but you’ll get used to it – you just need to remember packing a pair ofr wellington boots
Winter is the perfect moment to plan a trip including lots of of museum visits because there’s no better place than a beautiful palace or a museum to spend time when it’s cold outside.
If you’re lucky, in winter you’ll have the chance to see Venice covered in snow, and we can assure you it’s a picture that you will remember forever


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