Inside Venice - T23

St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace: the shrine of gold, God and glory, and the pomp of power

Part one

Cultural visit to the interiors of the Doge’s Palace and access to the Prisons through the Bridge of Sighs

We enter the Doge’s Palace, the highest achievement of Gothic architecture in Venice, through the  Porta del Frumento (Corn Door) on the waterfront. The monumental complex was the symbol and center of the political and administrative life of the Serenissima. At once the Doge’s residence, seat of government and court of justice and prisons, the Palace was for centuries the symbol of the wealth and power of the Venetian Republic.


•  Enter the Doge’s Palace and the inner courtyard surrounded by the four monumental facades. Ascend to the first floor through the spectacular Giants’s Staircase flanked by the huge marble statues of Mars and Neptune by Jacopo Sansovino
•  See the impressive halls and the magnificent Sala del Maggior Consiglio, the hall where the Major Council met
Through the adjoining Bridge of Sighs cross into the bleak cells of the Prison Building

Part two

Visit to the interior of the St. Mark’s Basilica and its priceless treasures

The greatness of Venice has always been reflected in the richness of St. Mark’s Basilica, the perfect synthesis of Venetian art and a unique blend of Byzantine, Romanesque and Gothic elements. Five Oriental-looking domes crown the shadowy, mysterious interior gleaming with golden mosaics, coloured marbles, precious stones and pearls, and guarded by the four gilded bronze horses that stand proudly atop the central entrance. The glittering mosaics of the interior tell the story of St. Mark and episodes from the Bible. Its most famous treasure stands behind the altar in the sanctuary - the Pala d’Oro, a golden altar screen encrusted with jewels.


• Enter St. Mark’s Basilica  through the St. Peter’s Door – no waiting lines!
• Visit the Basilica interior and hear a detailed description of the gold mosaics
• Admire the gem-encrusted Pala d’Oro


Approx. 2 hours




From 1st November 2017 till 31st March 2018

Adults: 55.00 € per person
Children under 6: free (reservation under Infant)

From 1st April 2018 till 31st October 2018

Adults: 56.00 € per person
Children under 3: free (reservation under Infant)


Entrance fee to the Basilica for immediate access. No waiting lines!
Seated explanation inside the BASILICA Entrance fee to the Doge’s Palace for immediate access.
No waiting lines

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APRIL 1, 2018 TO OCTOBER 31, 2018

Available daily  (except Sundays)
English, French, Spanish, German,
Monday, Friday
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From 1st April 2018 till 31st October 2018

10:45 AM - Under the Clock Tower 

in St. Mark's Square next to the Clock Tower

NOVEMBER 1, 2017 TO MARCH 31, 2018

Available daily
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Wensday, Saturday
Monday, Friday


From 1st November 2017 till 31st March 2018

10.45 AM - Under the Clock Tower 

in St. Mark's Square next to the Clock Tower



All tours can be organized
on a private basis on request

•  Dress appropriately when entering a place of worship.
No shorts bare or shoulders.
The entrance and privileged visit
inside St.Mark’s Basilica
is made possible
by courtesy of the Patriarchal Curia of Venice

•  Inside the St.Mark’s Basilica
for security reasons, no admittance
with rucksacks, backpacks, or other luggage

•  Inside the St.Mark’s Basilica
the guided tour may be
postponed to the following day
in case of special religious services
or exceptionally high water

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